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Maybe we can help?

Our club mantra is to assist wherever we can in returning old Chevrolets to the road.  The club has extensive reference material including books, workshop manuals, photographs, magazines and periodicals which contain all facets of Chevrolet vehicles.

Of even greater importance is the wealth of knowledge of our Members.  If you feel that we can be of assistance to you in the restoration of your Chev, do not hesitate to complete the form on our "Contact Us" page and send it off.

We have been able to assist many restorers with information about their Chev including year of manufacture, date and place of assembly within Australia, original body colour, original upholstery style and colour etc. More technical data is also available.  Just ask!

Better still - come and join us and share the fun! 'Membership Application'

We do not lend or hire our vehicles for your special event.

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